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I won’t spend any time on Today’s pictures. They are fun, and one of them I spoke of previously.  My daughter wanted to ride in a limo on the way to the airport. So, a limo it was, It actually when we did the math was a lot cheaper to take a limo to the airport, travel to Florida from Cincinnati Ohio, and come back to Cincinnati and take a limo home, then to leave our car in the parking garage that entire time. Plus, the stress of sleeping bags, twins, car seats and the rest of the stuff from the long term parking to the airport gate was a painful exercise—enough about the pictures for Today. Sometimes the images trigger other memories, and Today, it did.

Our twins and daughter traveled with us all the time. We went to Mexico, cruises, Thailand, and other locations. They were delicious on planes, even in the long, long, long plane ride to Aisa. In part, this was because we always had snacks and things for them to do. In part, because they are good kids. I won’t try to break down the numbers on that. It was what it was. I know, when I was traveling, I always felt lousy for the parents with the screaming kid. It is hard when you are young to understand the pain in your ears will go away. Airplanes are also difficult environments for kids to adjust to, and for them to enjoy. Children aren’t used to the confines of a seat.

They like to move around. Movement is, the younger the kid, still new. So having to sit with mom and dad can be hard on kids. I wasn’t one of the people calling the flight attendant over (can you do something about that screaming baby). I would try to help. When my kids were little, I would sing the Mockingbird song to to help them adjust to what was bothering them. (The moon song was only for bedtimes). If that didn’t work my wife and I would both hold one of the twins, or their older sister would hold one, I would hold one, and my wife would take a breath. We tried to make sure that no one was overburdened. But it is hard to fly with kids. So if you do, and that baby is screaming near you, know that the parents are mortified that they can’t calm their child!

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Dark in the limo early on the way to the airport

  1. Also it sounds like when you went somewhere you went as a family so that helped to. It sounds like you and your wife had lots of experience making sure your kids were calm on the plane that the other parents with screaming kids did not know. How did they calm them down?


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  1. You are the lucky recipient of random comment number 181 “It is amazing how quickly the kids learn to drive a car, yet are unable to understand the lawnmower, snow-blower or vacuum cleaner.” — Ben Bergor


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  1. It’s hilarious when you come to think of it. Children are very active. Staying in one place, especially a seat, for long can be a torment for them and a dread to a parent or guardian. It’s every parents nightmare…one has to find a good solution to solve the situation like you.


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