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Wander project Rhode River Maryland

During the work week, our time is not our own. We are bound to our employer’s needs. That is fair; they pay us to be employees. We get benefits and value from our empowers. But come the weekend, that is our time. The one activity that we do every single weekend is boating. Not, every single weekend there are times we cannot go. But we go more often than not. Boating is often done spur of the moment. We get in the boat, and we go, where the will of the wisp takes us. Our plan for boat trips is, let’s go where we want to go. Most days we figure out what we want for lunch on the way, we figure where we will point the boat when we get there, and we leave more to chance.

The pictures today are from the Rhode River. Rhode River is the river that is just south of the South River. Ok, being that we are South of the South River I had to bring that up. We aren’t north of North River. We are south of South River. South of North River or east of West rive, west of East River also fun. But south of the south makes me smile every time. Lunch was a visit to Safeway. We don’t often stop for a longer lunch. We tend towards places that we can pick up and take food to the boat. Safeway is a grocery chain that we’ve used many times for boat launches.  The boat has a table (two actually), so we can sit and relax enjoying lunch. Sometimes we head out and then have lunch.

Sometimes we sit at the dock and then head out. There is a significant drop in temperature once you get away from shore. Ninety degrees with 90% humidity drops to a more comfortable humidity level. The water, after all, is what humidity is made of. The water is cooler, rising throughout the summer, but still cooler than the air. Shallow water quickly becomes air temperature, but with rivers and Oceans, that water is frequently replaced by tidal and river flow. The air is cooler, and as long as you aren’t near the shore, smells wonderful. The freedom that the water brings is magical — relaxing and something that recharges me for the week. Now, I am ready for the work process.


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  1. You have a boat on the river, my friend… you are not by the sea …. here are rivers big in our country, but simple rivers on the rivers are forbidden … they are too small and too dangerous


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