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Wander project My Wife’s Mosaics…

My wife is a very talented person. As a professional, she spent five years working as a video producer for an advertising agency. That ended for her, one afternoon in the summer at my parent’s house. Our daughter fell and skinned her knee. She was in the backyard, my wife, sisters, and mother were all standing on the deck, and I was inside talking to my dad in his home office. My daughter started crying ran past my wife and into the house to find me. Back then I was home more than my wife was, I was the parent that fixed boo-boos. That was when my wife decided we needed to come home and no longer be a video producer.

One of the things she started when she first came home (and still does even though she has a lot less time) is mosaics. The pictures Today are of the first few she did. Today she is working on coffee cups and a crab mosaic. But the first couple of projects were the mosaics in the pictures. We have lots of vacation pictures over the years from my wife stopping to take pictures of mosaic where ever we were!

I am going to use my mosaic coffee cub to hold pencils. It has a rough edge so drinking from it might not be optimal. I am also a little worried that I would damage the cup if I drank from it. When it is done, it will go on my desk and be a wonderful pencil and pen holder. I am down to roughly two pens in my entire office, and I can never find them. I have other things that I keep in the pencil holder, however!


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Written by DocAndersen

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