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The last time I was sick enough to cancel vacation was 2012. It is a year I won’t forget. We didn’t get to see my folks (I didn’t know I was on borrowed time with my dad then.) We stayed home. But no one took any pictures of Christmas morning, because I was upstairs and it kind of ruined the holiday for everyone.  The images shared today come from the Christmas 2013 folder, but they are not Christmas pictures. They were simply on the memory card of the camera when I pulled them over. I have gotten a lot better about moving pictures right after events now. I wasn’t as good back then. Things, life and anything else delayed me saving those changes then.

The images are of the home of George Washington First General of the US Army. He was the first president of the United States. His home is called Mt. Vernon.  Washington was a garden thinker as my father was. I wish he had done more to remove slavery as an option in our young nation, but that is for another day and another blog. As a gardening thinker, Washington pursued many solutions to the common problems facing agriculture of his time. He considered the many different ways of solving the problems he was facing in farming. It is why he had farms within the farm that was Mt. Vernon, growing different crops in different ways trying to increase productivity. Just like what my dad loved to think about.

I have had the fortune to visit Mr. Vernon several times over the years. It is a wonderful place to go to. It feels like it is close to DC, but when you consider it was 5 hours or so by horse (if not more) it truly in the backwoods in Washingtons Time. Now, you wait for more for traffic to get to Mt. Vernon than you do traveling. The wonder of modern transportation is sometimes you wait for Mt. Vernon is one of the top tourist destinations in the DC area, so we don’t go often, but when you do get a chance to go, it is a wonderful view of the way America was 200 plus years ago.  George and Martha Washington lived at Mt. Vernon for more than 20 years.


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