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Wander project memories of our daughter (t-minus 8 days)

In theory, a digital picture could last forever. It won’t, at some point humanity will evolve a new technology, and no one will convert the pictures of today to the new format. Perhaps a thousand years from then people will look at the old files and wonder what they were. Someone will create a viewer and archeologists will be amazed. Look, they took pictures back then. Forever is a moment — the pictures today of a pool party hosted by my daughter. Pool parties were summer events at our house. I guess you could have a winter pool party, but you probably wouldn’t get into the water. Our daughter always had a lot of friends. The opposite often of her brothers.

The thing that always impressed me was the friends with wounded wings she would try to help. She was, still is, always willing to help those who need a boost. The friends she brought together for this particular pool party from 2006 were friends from school and from a church group she was a part of. The forever part of the pictures today is the moment captured. The reality is that all the kids in the pictures are now adults. They are now in college, getting married and beginning lives beyond what they were doing at the pool that summer day. I know a few of the kids in this picture are coming to the wedding in a few days. They remain friends from all those years ago!

Let me end with Fran. Her girl was in the pool, so Fran was watching. She always watched when her girl was In the water. There are so many stories of Fran and our daughter together. The one for today has to do with knee surgery. Our daughter had a genetic issue with her knee. It required surgery and screws in the knee. She went for the surgery. She wasn’t able at that point to go upstairs, so we pulled out the bed in the living couch for her and Fran. My mother came over to see her granddaughter. My wife as,ed my mom if she (mom was a Nurse for many years) would change the wrap on our Daughters knee. Mom said sure. She walked over to the bed, Fran, who was sleeping woke up and looked at her. My mother started removing the bandage. Our daughter winced in pain. Fran, who loved my mother, growled at mom. My wife had to go and hold Fran’s collar so the wrapping could be finished. Fran was not happy that her girl was being hurt!


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Written by DocAndersen

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