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Wander project Malaysia continued…

First off today, before wandering to Malaysia, Happy Twins Day! August 4th is Twins Day in the US. The Ohio Community of Twinsburg (founded, by Twins) has an annual twins festival on Twin’s day and the weekend that follows. Our happy twins day was March 30th a few years ago now. March 30th was also my father’s birthday, a long story. My first day in Malaysia was a Monday. I had landed in Singapore the Wednesday before, spent a couple of days with the regional team, and then flew on to KL. As I said before, I was staying at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel that was in the adjacent parking lot to the office building where the offices of my company and the company we were working with were located.

The Petronas Towers, rising majestically out of the ground to stretch nearly to the sky. A metal building is showing the amazing engineering capabilities and demonstrating two very quick things. One, it was a cool looking building. Two, it was made with stainless steel. I didn’t think about that as I headed up to the floor my companies office was on. I buzzed the doorbell to get into the office (my badge wasn’t activated yet). Over the next 4 hours, I met the team, and we talked about our approach, our considerations, and our goals. It took us a couple of days that the first week to get ourselves both ready for what was next and to figure out who was involved, engaged and so on for the project.

On the third day, I was sitting in the office; we were heading over to start the project with the customer later that day when the sky turned black. I recognized a thunderstorm coming. Sitting in a Stainless Steel building, watching lightning bolts tear from the sky, made me think about the fact that I was in the world’s largest lightning rod. I stayed away from the windows, moving my computer from the cube I was into the conference room that was on the interior wall. I know, the building was grounded, but it was stainless steel.


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