The Fall 2017 Jacket: Fake Shearling

Saturday, 9.23.17

Before I went to the Global Village Festival, I had turned on my computer to check on things, and I noticed that I received another Fashion Week 2017 gift from IMVU. So, my avatar performs in another IMVU photo shoot, modeling her newest Fall Fashion outfit. This photo shoot takes place at her beach house. It often gets cold at the coast. So, this new jacket will be useful for her.

My avatar models her newest Fall 2017 gift, a shearling jacket with a black short dress. But she did make sure it is fake because she refuses to wear anything made from a slaughtered animal, especially a poor sheep or lamb. She adds her plaid scarf, black legwarmers, and white sneakers. And, like anyone else, she carries her iPhone with her at all times.

Some autumn props include haystacks and pumpkins. So, she builds an autumn Snowman, which is actually a Pumpkinman because it is made up of three different sizes of pumpkins. He wears a pilgrim hat and he has twig arms. She also carved out a happy face on his head.

Get the latest look this Fall from IMVU’s latest Fall Fashion Week 2017 lineup.


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