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Wander project images of the past…

Wandering old pictures again. There are many things over the years that had photographers. I am not sure when, but sometimes around 2000 my dad stopped taking as many pictures, and I started taking more pictures. Before 2000 my dad took the majority of the pictures at family events. I don’t know if it was dad being tired of taking pictures or it was a passing of the torch. I know that I didn’t think about it, I just started taking more and more pictures.

The images today are all from Papua New Guinea. My father (and mother) went there to help build out a science education program for the island nation. Much as he had done many years before in Thailand and other places. Dad talked about a couple of experiences in New Guinea, but it wasn’t one of his all-time favorite trips or places.

Over the years dad went to Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, and Malaysia. We had stopped in Afganistan on the way home from Thailand (that was a transition, 88 and sunny to 35 and overcast Bangkok to Kabul).  Dad was traveling back in the days before cell phones, so the only way he could communicate with us was by Air Mail. Often his last letter would arrive in the US after he did.  He would share his favorite pictures from the trip (I later learned that they were cherry-picked not all the pictures just the ones my dad liked).


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