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wander project images of Thailand…

I am wandering Thailand again pictures by my dad. There are around 900 pictures of the time we spent in Thailand. Today, we take many more digital pictures than we did back then. It cost a lot more money to take pictures in the days of film than it does today in the age of digital images. I suspect people forget that once upon a time, the 1000 or so pictures my father took in Thailand probably cost, on average, 14 cents or more per picture. Even factoring in the cost o fa digital camera, the average digital picture quickly gets to less than 2 cents a picture. I have two digital cameras, and with them have taken more than 15000 pictures over the last four years. The cost per picture continues to drop.

But this isn’t a why did film cost so much blog. Nor is it specific to the pictures I am sharing from 40 plus years ago. Rather this is a blog about my mother. Mom was the stabilization for us when we first moved to Thailand. My dad was a great teacher, and when he was home, he helped all of us. But he was often at work when we first moved to Thailand. We were for the first month put up in a hotel by the IPST (Thai Government Group that the UNESCO educators worked with). My parents researched the schools before we arrived. The school they choose didn’t have an opening for my sister, but they did for me. So I got up early in the morning and wandered off to school.

Mom picked up teaching my sister for a semester at home. I went off to Bangkok Patana School. My youngest sister was not school age then. But mom taught my sister, and then when I came home from school, she helped me with homework. She watched my little sister as well. I would get up very early (5 am) as my school started early in the morning (helping us stay cooler by starting in the morning). BPS was a long bus ride from the Hotel and a long bus ride from our apartment (that we moved to after a month or so). But when we were in the hotel, I would go down to the hotel restaurant and have breakfast every morning before heading off to school. I felt like a big kid because most mornings, I was there with the other kids heading to school. Mom stayed upstairs.

Mom remains my hero to this day! I am not sure I say thank you to Mom for all the things she did for us for all those years!

somewhere north of Bangkok

this isn't a wot but it is a special place

Gulf of Siam, to an island!


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  1. I know quite a few acquaintances who were in Thailand and they all say how nice and cheap it is …. my acquaintance was a pilot and he bought a wife in Thailand … because he made such rules and also acted as if he was his maid not a woman


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