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Wander project (images of Seattle) see, where you are going!

Today’s pictures were of a trip to Seattle Washington a few years ago. The text is about the impact of business travel. There was a time when I was a new business traveler. Like many business travelers just starting out, I had a system. It evolves over the years many times. There are two kinds of business travelers, those in a rush and those not in a rush. You know the in rush folk, they rush on the plane, pack everything in a carry on bag and tear out of the airport when they arrive. That is how I started many years ago.

My goal was to land and be in a cab or rental car in less than 30 minutes.There were many times I flew at 6 am on a Monday so I could spend Sunday evening with my family. Unless the flight were 4 or more houses, then I would have to fly out Sunday. Long overseas trips meant more time flying out before and more time recovering after. If I were on my way to Asia, I would normally have to leave Saturday morning, so I was able to somewhat function Monday morning.

Over time my “business travel” evolved. I learned that it was ok to check a bag. That way you could have the things you needed when you arrived. The goal wasn’t to rush out of the airport but to take my time, check email, wait for my bag and not stress out. The evolution of a calm business traveler made traveling easier for me. I no longer glared at people struggling with the security rules, I smiled at them and said, “TSA doesn’t like that, you need to do this, or this.” I smiled at people and enjoyed my trip. That evolution took four or five years. It seems second nature to me now, having traveled so much. Traveling by car is the easiest, you can take most of your stuff. Traveling by plane is the fastest, traveling by train is also an option. The goal isn’t to be the first one there; the goal is to open your eyes and see where you are going!


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  1. We lived in Auburn for a few months and made the most of seeing Seattle when my husband was on contract at Boeing. Most of your shots seem to be from the water, while all my views of Seattle were from land. It seems a lot has changed since 1988 when we were last there. I never saw much of the waterfront. Thanks for your great photos of it.

    • Seattle is a growing and changing city! One of the companies I worked with was based right on the puget sound so I was often there. If I wasn’t near the water, I was in Redmond all the time. Less water other than the two lakes that sandwich the campus of MSFT.


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