Wander project Greenwood Indiana December 2000

Wandering today back to a time (the year 2000) and a place (Greenwood Indiana) and sharing pictures from an event. Everything about this post is in the past.  That still seems strange to me that we can take a wander back to the place (Greenwood) that was home for so many years. In my entire life, I lived longer (11 years) in Greenwood Indiana than I have any other place. I have lived in a city longer (25 years in Bloomington Indiana but I lived in 10 different apartments, houses, etc. while in Bloomington. None of those houses more than eight years). So for 11 years, our house in Eagle Trace was home. Now that I think about it, it was 12 years (1999 to 2011).

The event in question was my 40th birthday. My mother, who has a wicked sense of humor and my wife, who also has a wicked sense of humor, conspired to once again embarrass me on my birthday. The first such event was the delivery of 35 black balloons on my 35th birthday. The next was a singing gorilla sent to my office at the time to sing happy birthday to me. The last and perhaps most embarrassing of all of them was the penguins. It was supposed to be 40 penguins gathered around a lordy lordy look who is 40 sign. Painful to say the least.

I haven’t shared these pictures before for some reasons. One of them is to not encourage either my wife or my mother to re-enable the embarrass Scott moments on my birthday. You see the rule in our house is that I am not allowed to embarrass my wife on her birthday. Ever. Once, on her 35th birthday, I signed her up for a golden buckeye card (for those over 55 in Ohio). She felt that was not a nice thing for me to do. So I am banned from that activity. Ever.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. How pretty! Did the penguins follow the sign or come with it?!?!? It looks like they are mesmorized by the sign! My daughter lived in Lafayette for two years, she said walking in the snow wasn’t all that great after a few days! Being from Georgia, she got many laughs during the summer..this is what you call humid?!

  2. Amazing photographs. I’ve been to Bloomington at least two times. Since I was a little kid, it’s always been a dream of mine to live in the snow. Winter has always been my favorite holiday.

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