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How to recycle garbage most effectively: Swedish approach

As you know, the problem of waste recycling is actual for all developed countries. People often try to solve it using such primitive way as burning waste of creation of landfills. Of course, it leads only to environmental pollution. That’s why countries professing the principle of sustainable development through green growth, try to use waste as recyclables to generate electricity or building materials.

Sweden, the kingdom of green energy, took the following decision – to recycle waste into electricity. After that a lot of super powerfull specialized incineration plants were created in different parts of the country. Using the latest technologies in the process of waste incineration gave the possibility to prevent harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Moreover, the capacity of these plants has allowed Sweden to use all its garbage.

Besides this, “suffering” from its own garbage lack, Sweden offered its neighboring countries (such as Norway) and some other European states to share their solid domestic waste with it.

So the most part of electricity consumed in Sweden is obtained by municipal waste recycling. Only a few percent of garbage is sent to dump. 1/5 of thermal energy in the central heating system is derived from waste. This effective approach allows to provide electric energy of 250 thousand houses. To my mind, it is a very cool decision of waste recycling problem!

There are some examples of using this approach in other European countries. More than half of the consumed energy in Paris is the result of municipal waste recycling. District Heating Plant Spittelau with observation platform and a restaurant on the chimney in the centre of Vienna provides warmth for 60 thousand apartments.

“I greet thee, loveliest land upon earth,

/: Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy climes green.:/”

The national anthem of Sweden

Let’s wish eco-prosperity to all countries!


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  1. I wish instead of buying weapons, missiles and ammunition, countries would buy such technology from each other. The world’s poorest , most over populated countries with absolute no system of waste management and environmental pollution are busy buying weapons.

    i hope more and more countries adopt this method and “suffer” from lack of garbage.

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