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wander project funny childhood stories.

One of the things I do is, from time to time, share old pictures. Today, the pictures are of a playground near a family reunion and one of the pools. Some of the folders of pictures are from folders that label events, but the events in the folder were multiple rather than just the one listed event. The folder chosen says Ralstin family reunion. It is, the kids were outside playing on a playground near the reunion.

To continue the funny story motif I’ve been doing for the past week, today we are going to wander to funny childhood stories. I shared some a couple of days ago.  The first story today is from my childhood.

When I was really little I created science experiments using various household chemicals and moms freezer. The one rule was no mess in mom’s kitchen, ever.

One day I was in my room. I had put a couple of experiments in the freezer and was playing upstairs in my room. I hear my mom calling me.

“Yes mom.” I most politely answered (ok it probably wasn’t nice who likes it when your mom calls you down?)

“get down here.” My mother replied. Her voice had that mother edge to it.

I went downstairs posthaste!

“look,” my mother said through clenched teeth “in my freezer.” She pointed to the freezer.

The good news, my experiment worked.

The bad news, it expanded far more than I thought it would. There were bits of the glass bottle, chemical mix, and goop all over the freezer.

I learned now to defrost a freezer and how to clean a defrosted freezer that day.

After that, science experiments were banned from mom’s freezer!

One last thing, my mother still doesn’t think this is a funny story.


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  1. LOL Yes I can just picture it. I used to be a nanny to 2 small boys. they used to blow up their Mum’s diet coke in the fridge by fiddling around with the controls.
    Their Mum told me those boys were good when I took them in my care… I did not see a problem with them, they were great kids ..and a lot of fun.
    One of them while I was talking to their Mum knocked on the door and there was 2 year old Andrew with the garden hose on full bore at me…


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