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Wander project from Annapolis to Germantown MD

In the Maryland/Virginia/DC area boating season is beginning to wind down. (they call the three combined the DMV or District, Maryland and Virginia). At the height of the summer, you struggle to find a parking spot near the Marina. Now, heading into October, you can easily pick a prime spot anywhere in the lot. Yesterday was a prepping for the end of the season and shooing spiders off the boat. We had roughly ten new webs. I don’t kill spiders; I move them!

The last few pictures are of the flowers my wife planted and the bushes she planted around the house to prepare for fall with a little color. The bushes are permanent. The marigolds are transient and will be gone by the end of the fall season (roughly mid-November). You have to have a little color in your yard otherwise things become a little bleak and dreary. Which, by the way, is what October rains bring (dreary skies). I dug the holes; my wife did all the hard work arranging and planting!

Some of our neighbors put a lot more effort into the spring and fall appearance of their lawns. We’ve never really been big lawn people. I guess it is one of those things you either love or don’t love. My father never was into decorative lawn stuff. He liked a utility lawn. Apple and Pear trees, walnut trees and so on. That was the lawn I grew up with. I grew up mowing around tomato plants and Walnut trees. I never had to worry about pretty flowers as I mowed. We did on occasion plant flowers for my mother, but she, like my dad was more into utility yards. I guess like anything you do what you are used to!


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