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Wander project finding the right pool fountain!

One of the things that dominated our summers in Indiana was the pool. My daughter and I spent a lot of time trying to find the right fountain for the pool. For the most part, a fountain is used to keep the water of the pool a little cooler. It also is fun to sit and watch the water fly into the air.  The kids loved the 2nd one we got that CCRC could be moved to anywhere. For the most part, it was put right under the diving board. The Diving Barod was not used as a diving board. I had to ban three kids from the neighborhood because they refused to follow the simple, no diving room. Our deep end of the pool was 14 feet, deep enough for safe diving, but we decided at the very beginning that we would not allow diving.

There are horror stories of home pools and paralyzed kids that dove into the deep end that wasn’t deep enough. We banned the diving part from day one. We also banned kids swimming without adults there. It was never that we didn’t trust the kids; it was when you get 20 kids in a small space, bad decisions happen. The other issue we had was the slide, but that one had one accident in all the years we had the pool (11). We also had a rule for who was allowed in the pool, but that was more that we had to ban a couple of the boys in the neighborhood. One of them we banned the first day we had kids in the pool because he dived into the pool headfirst.

I pulled him aside saying “we don’t allow that” he got on the diving board and dived again. So I called his parents to come to get him. Telling them he was not allowed to swim because he couldn’t follow the rules. His parents looked at me like I was crazy. I finally had to say “our house, our rules.” They accepted that as their younger son was allowed to swim (he never dove in). But beyond that one time, we never really had issues with people following the rules. Getting to swim all day was a reward for most kids in the neighborhood. Our adult rule was one that most of the parents around the house welcomed. They agreed that you need at least one adult watching kids swim!

we got this fountain for the pool

you could move it around the pool!

or squirt the person on the diving board

make that a jumping board.

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