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Wander project find the path from text to pictures…

If we consider the past, the moments captured by a camera they are gone. The image of an instant, a split second captured.  The Wander project is about the text about the things I remember when I look at the pictures. It isn’t about the pictures. They are simply the process by which I can remember, the vehicle that helps me remember. That said the pictures are also important, just different. These were of the kids when they were little. The faces they used to make years ago. It is the mess that was feeding time at the family zoo at least at our house.  If it is a variable I understand, we consider each of the pictures presented today they each have their own story.

Each one, creating a flow of words.

The pictures of yesterday of a moment now long gone are both joyous and wistful. Joyous in that they capture a moment. They capture something that happened all those years ago. In some cases, 10, 15, and even 20 years ago. I have a monitor next to my computer. The monitor is connected to a computer that plays a slide show of pictures on the hard drive of the computer. I realized yesterday that sometimes the reality of the images I see isn’t the conversation I share in the actual text. That I see the pictures on the screen in front o me, and write to those pictures rather than the pictures I share with the post here on Virily. Or, when I shared in other places there as well.

It isn’t an intent to mislead. It simply the reality of the pictures that I see. But it is also the emotions, and the feeling that seeing the kids when they are young bring back. I know the text wanders away from the pictures often. I would say, comment on the pictures, comment on the text either works, and both are good.

We are all prisoners of memories. But we are also freed by the very memories that hold us tight. That tug of war happens for me every single time I look at the pictures that were, the moments that were captured once and now stored and recalled. I apologize for the digression, the reality that the text and the pictures often do not match.


What do you think?

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  1. These are always fond memories … sometimes I look at myself when I was 20 years old and also laugh from the heart … the kind I used to walk around … when the fat guy … long hair not to talk about the dress …. is always interesting


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