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Wander project don't touch that Sushi!

Should you yell fire in a crowded Japanese Stake house? I know my kids did when they were little.  We used to go to the Japanese Steakhouse in Indiana for special occasions and dinners. Over the years, I made a few mistakes with the kids. The first mistake was making my daughter try the steak. My rule was always to try it if you don’t like it, that is ok. But you have to try it. So, I made her try the steak. That was my first expensive mistake. The other was, every time we went to the Japanese steakhouse, I always ordered Sushi. The kids would never try it, but I tried every single time. I would ask them, do you want some? They would look at me as if saying raw fish, no!

But I kept asking. One of the twins tried Sushi first. From that point forward, they would share Sushi with me. My daughter was next, finally giving in and trying Sushi. Eventually, all three kids decided they liked Sushi. That was a lot more Sushi for me to buy. Oh well, I guess raw fish isn’t so bad after all. Now when Japanese food comes up, it isn’t going to the Steakhouse or Hibachi anymore; its which Sushi place should we go to! 

The pictures today are from our favorite Hibachi in Maryland. It was really near the hotel we were staying at when we first moved to Maryland. We walked there one time, and we drove there another time. We were staying in a Residence Inn, so Fran was quite happy to stay in the room and chill. She had enough room to be comfortable and enjoyed being in the hotel. Fran was a big fan of room service overall. Technically not actual room service, just humans walking down to the hotel café and bringing breakfast back to the room. That was Fran’s favorite concept. Humans with food in the begging range. She was very good at looking pitiful and probably got a lot more people food than she should have.

Us going out for dinner was Fran’s least favorite part of the day. But, everyone was on an expense account during the move, so it was cheaper actually to go out and eat most of the time!

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