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Wander project digital pictures from my dad’s collection

Today is an interesting wander project. I suspect my mother when seeing the pictures will smile and she will say “they were taken here or there.” For me, they are wonderful pictures taken by my father of various places that he went over time. I know that these pictures were taken after about 2005 and before 2014. They were digital images that he took and stored on a flash drive in his office drawer.

Dad, when he converted to digital cameras, used them he did the film. Every time the memory card filled he bought a new one. I tried several times to get him to copy the pictures to his hard drive simply but, in cleaning out his office, I found more than 30 memory cards (and more than 30 USB drives with various bits of files and images on them). As a technologist personally I tried. As a son, I suspect I tried to get hard him to change.

So we have these and many more. Some I recognize the what and where of the pictures. Some I look at and wonder what they are about. Of course, I can’t ask him now. Speculating is fun to a point, my mother knows many of the wheres of the pictures. But I am not sure she ever saw all the pictures. So the goal is to share them. Sometimes then, the pictures don’t tell a story I know. I will simply tell a story that fits!


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