Wander project cameras and low light!

I used to, upon getting a new camera, play with the features. That means we have 100’s of pictures with night vision and other filters applied. The pictures today are of a family event. My guess based on the location it was an event at my parent’s houses — this comes from a Sony HDD video camera. We had a video and still camera for a long time. This particular Sony camera also traveled with me to Singapore and Australia. From a technology perspective, this was Sony’s move away from SD and CF memory cards to their Memory car system that was different than other cameras. Compact Flash, Micro-SD, SD were the standards used by mother cameras.

In my desk drawer, I still have a Memory Stick (duo) for a Sony Camera. It is a one gig Memory Stick. I haven’t owned a Sony Camera for a long time. I guess cameras are like printers. I go through phases. We only had HP printers in our house for a long time. We only had Sony TVs and Sony Cameras. The ability to take video and then using the connection between the TV and the Camera to project the video on the TV was cool. Now, that is pretty much something you can do with virtually any device. But at the time, it required you to have one company’s products. The other part of that connection between camera and TV was that it used IR (Infrared) connections.

It was slow!

The night vision took interesting pictures and video. It wasn’t pure night vision. That requires a really low lux lens. The catch-all else on Video cameras ten years ago didn’t have the power required. That didn’t stop me from actually playing with the various capabilities though. I took a lot of different pictures over the years, and playing with the art of the possible was always fun. Sometimes you just have to experiment!

My daughter loved that scooter!

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