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Wander project Boat Hotels and wandering

The marina where we keep our boat has three boat hotels. You can see them in the wander to the boat pictures today. Boat Hotels are metal structures that hold 12 or more boats. Two are on the far side of the parking lot, and they are huge. The one near the service center is much smaller.  Either way, it is a great way to store more than six boats in a space. You can store six, then six and finally six more in the same space other places have six. It is a lot of fun just to look at a boat riding the sky. What do you call a boat way up in the sky? The largest has to be nearly 40 feet tall.  I love watching them come along with the forklift and gently pull the boat down before it can go into the water.

We were carrying the BBQ we picked up on the way to the boat. The  Bayside Bull restaurant was the lunch stop we made. I am a huge fan (so is my wife) of good BBQ. We grabbed our food; it is not an eat-in the restaurant and headed down to the marina. We walked briskly to the A dock so that we could enjoy lunch as we got ready to pull out of the slip and head over to the fuel dock. We were low on gas! The lunch was amazing; the air was crisp and cool. The sky was blue, and the clouds were magically dancing in the sky. We had to wait a bit to get to the fuel dock (lots of people had the same idea to get fuel yesterday). The young lady in charge of the fuel dock was very nice, threw us the ropes and we tied off to fuel up.

We wandered down south of where we had ever been on the Bay before. But, sadly you will not see any pictures. As we approached the crab pot farm, where the commercial crab fishing happens, the camera flashed the “hey you didn’t charge me” message. I have to say it was a bit embarrassing to realize I hadn’t changed my camera. We still got a few pictures but none of the crab farm. I guess we will have to go back! Then on the way back, I overshot the Rhode River Bay (twice). I had to check the GPS and make sure I slowed down, so I didn’t miss the river entrance the third time. It was not a great day for me, ego wise, forgetting to change the camera, and forgetting where the river was!

smaller boat hotel!

The two larger boat hotels!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I have yet to explore the Halifax River which is right next to where I live now in Florida. From your wonderful post and photos, I see Amazon offering many different rubber boats but I would never go on the river alone

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