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Wander project Bergen Norway

Bergen Norway was the next stop in our Viking tour. A Costa Cruise line ship on the path of the Vikings. Bergen was interesting in that, unlike Gelsinger, where we were not doing any of the shore excursions, in Bergen, we had a plan. Yes. For those of you following along at home, part of our plan was to find a Bakery. But we were also going to go to the top of the mountain (that was more of a hill) on a train that was rumored to be vertical. Well, it wasn’t vertical, but it was a very steep train ride. We got off the ship to wander the city of Bergen before the train opened. The hardest thing of all was the fact that it looked like rain as we got off the ship.

It started to rain right as we made it to the point of known return — halfway between a gift shop and the ship. We decided rather than return to the ship for raincoats (which we didn’t have) instead we would wander to the gift shop and buy five umbrellas. The fight shop wasn’t open, and we waited under the awning for the 15 minutes before the gift shop was opening. It didn’t rain hard, so we did take our time and wandered by the Castle. I did wonder if the castle was used to keep the Vikings out or the Vikings in. I love castles, the stone the walls and the effort. Castles are a lot of fun! From the outer harbor to the inner harbor was a little over a ½ mile.

So we stood under the awning of the gift shop. As they opened the first thing, we looked for umbrellas. They had the smaller travel umbrellas, so we grabbed the top five, and a couple of other fun things and headed off towards the train. We were following the map the cruise ship had given us; we already had the tickets for the train. We were simply meandering to the train. We did, get there after stopping at a church. 15 Euros each to tour a church was a no-go. We got to the train roughly 40 minutes before it was open (notice an early trned here0? But, we ended up at the train a good 30 minutes before the official cruise ship tour  it meant we got to sit on the train where we wanted!


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