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wander project an event, and memories

The pictures today are from an event we went to back in Indiana. I’ve been wandering short, small trips and events the past couple of days. In part because I need to get a few other things done. In part because I don’t want to share nay more wedding pictures right now. I felt like I spent three weeks on the wedding as a theme and that was enough. It may not be enough for my wife and daughter, but it is enough for me.  The wander project is a way for me to bring together the many pictures we have, and the memories I have of the pictures. Although, in fairness, the majority of the wander project is more of my wandering from where the pictures start my memories.

Sometimes, when we hold pictures when we remember we don’t always remember the actual events of the pictures. The picture represents a window, a view of something that was. I spent a lot of time talking about the fact that what we capture isn’t always what we saw/ often in part because the camera is not there at the exact moment. But often also that what we see, isn’t the light we can capture. The shutter of the camera, even digital takes an intentional amount of time to depress. I am even holding the shutter for high-speed pictures. There is a lapse of time there from what was originally seen to what we can shre with the world. Some are much better at the process than others.

The journey from where I started with this wander project to where I am has taken more than ten years and four different blogging sites. I have posted in the travel section here on Virily for three years. Before that, I posted for two years on Niume. Before that I posted for four years on WordPress. Before that my original blog was actually on LiveWriter. That one was started in 2005 — 14 years of blogging. I have been shared, reshared and reposted many times. Some of my early posts had more grammatical errors and spelling errors that they should have. I often posted then from my smartphone, which now I never do. But for a time I did, and there were errors galore. Now, there are still errors but I can’t post before I post!


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