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Why you should visit Maine, USA

God’s Country

For years, after visiting West Virginia, USA I had though there was only one place that truly could be called God’s country – but I was wrong! I had the pleasure of visiting friends in Maine, USA and I now believe beauty exists all over the US and the world.

A visit to see friends.

Friends of ours from New Jersey, USA move to Maine a few years ago. For years they’ve pestered us to come visit, and finally we accepted the invitation and made the ten hour journey north. As we drove we noticed that life seemed to get slower the further north we got – no one was in a hurry and there was a sense of relaxation pervading every sense – it was very profound.

We recently received an invite to come and see our very good friends Bob and Joanne – we knew them from New Jersey, but they had moved away to Maine. On a recent visit down to NJ we met up with them and we were amazed to see how healthy they looked and how relaxed they were. An invitation was made, and despite a 10 hour journey we mad a road trip to Maine. As we arrived in Maine, we immediately noticed the difference in our friends – they look healthier, they were so relaxed and to be honest they seemed very very happy.

Having spent time taking in the scenery I can see why! Here are some highlights:

The lakes are absolutely stunning. You could sit and look out at the lakes all day, with their perfectly clear water. When there is no wind they look like glass:

As you drive around you come across so many quaint sites – it’s amazing what beauty exists just around the corner:

While we visited we took some time to ‘house hunt’ – not only were the houses relatively cheap, but the views from most of the  houses we looked at were incredible. Imagine waking up to this scene every morning:

While in Maine we went to Portland – we visited the lighthouse which is the most photographed lighthouse in the USA – it was a wonderful setting – the sound of the ocean combined with the natural beauty made this such a pleasant and relaxing place:

This is a scene close to the lighthouse. As I stood watching the ocean batter the coast line, the sound of waves somehow lulling me into a peaceful state, I realized that Main was truly an amazing place to visit – and perhaps one day I’ll find myself sitting on a porch of my own taking in the beauty:

If you ever get the chance – you must visit Maine. Oh – and of course, they just happen to have the best Lobster too!


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  1. Looks like I shall have to pay a visit to Main and to West Virginia.
    You see, I live in Yorkshire, England…the county they call ‘God’s Country’. So I think a comparision is due, what do you say?

  2. Wonderful images – I would love to visit some day…
    Noteworthy is the second shot from above, with the church steeple seen amongst the trees… Ohhh, and of course, the light house shots!

    Thank you for sharing these with us 🙂

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