The List Of Last Months Digital Painting Titles Reads Like a Poem

“Cat Fight”,

“Cat Walk”,


“Threat Averted”,

“Bloom And Group”,

“Sunset Canyon Villages”,

“Golf Course Sunset”,

“Composite Confusion”,

“Posterized Confusion”,

“Bluegreen Fuzzy”,

“PurpleGreen Fuzzy”,


“Internet Storm”,

“Bikini Buckshot”,

“Bikini Swirl”,

“Web Geode”,

“Lazy Kat”,

“Big Top”,

“Holiday Wrap”,

“Holiday Wrap”,

“Lazer Security”,

“Extrinsic Motivation”,

“Crack of Dawn”,


“Humming Bird Vison”,


“Salvation 1”,

“Salvation 2”,

“Net Net”,

“Come As You Are”,

“Hue Reunion”,

“Dust Settling”,


“Dream Time”,

“Super Success”,

“Intrinsic Screening”,

“Good Vibe Receptor”,

“Mosh Pit”,

“It’s A Blur”,

“Late Realization”,

“Jaded Insight”,

“Crystal Prediction”,

“Easy Answer Machine”,

“Mixed Metaphores”,


“Trio in Red”,


“Nose  to Nose”,


“I Spy”,

“Light Scape”,

“Heads Will Roll”,

“Forbidden Fruit”,

“Heat Waves”,

“Escaping The Web”,

“Singing From The Heart”,

“Heart Warming”,

“Outward Focus”,

“Inward Focus”,

“Hope Shines Through”,

“Goodness Shines Through”,

“Soft Canary”,


“Flower Fragrance”,

“Garden Glory”,

“Love Acturally”,

“Exploding With Joy”,

“Dim Outward View”,

“Dim Inward View”,

“Happy Whirl”,

“Eclipse Prequel”,

“Entry to Paridise”,

“Prickly Pear”,

“Pastel Swimming”,

“Hour Glass”,

“Hour Glass Evening”,


“Storm Approach”,


“Vision Spreads”,

“Woven Bow”,


“Tape Unmeasured”,

“Sketchy Foundation”,




“Beam Me Up”,


“In Waiting”,

“Solar Flare”,





“Color Hair Day”,

“Fractal Folly”,

“Flesh Highlites”,

“Atmospheric Disturbance”,

“Survival Instinct”,

“Block Party”,

“In The Pink”,

“Mixed Neons”,

“Mazing City”,

“Block Color Bow1”,

“Mixed Neon 1”,

“Mixed Neon 2”,

“Mixed Neon 3”,

“Mixed Neon 4”,

“A Maze 1”,

“A Maze 2”,

“A Maze 3”,

“Chaos Tamer”,

“Poster Snail”,

“3D Grafitti”,

“Angel Eye”,

“Through The Looking Glass Brightly”,

“Fish Eye”,

“Day Dream House”,

“Choosing Your Path”,

“Pathless Twister”,

“Fish Eye Slice 1”,

“Fish Eye Slice 2”,

“Fish Eye Slice 3”,

“Fish Eye Slice 4”,

“Fish Eye Slice 5”,

“Fish Eye Slice 6”,

“Fish Eye Slice 7”,

“Fish Eye Slice 8”,

“Fish Eye Slice 9”,

“3 Birds”,


“Graffiti Stencil”,




“Cross Shear”,

“Open Minded”,

“No Return”,


“Night Light”,

“Fly Tying”,

“Bell Clappers”,

“Framed Bells”,

“Upon The Infinite Plain”,

“Plain Black and White”,

“Silk Road”,

“Dancing With Child”,

“Tiny Flight”,

“Pixelated Planet”,

“Poisoned Planet”,

“Planet Dance”,

“Battle Cry”,



“Twin Houses”,

“In The Spotlight”,





“Huston’s Harvey”,

“Detecting Dispair”,

“Red CrossLap”,

“Dawn’s Early Light”,

“Forest Burning CrossLap”,

“Blue Crosslap”,

“Dramatic Crosslap”,

“CrossLap Horizon”,

“Red Crosslap”,

“Dawn Crosslap”,

“Crosslap Silouette”,


“Distant Trees”,

“Cloud Bank”,

“Hills Burning”,

“Dust Mite”,

“Cross Eyed Myster”,

“Sliding Home”,

“Sharp Decision”,

“Ladder of Success”,

“Rust Belt”,

“At Bat”,

“Feeling Manipulated”,

“Fresh Breeze”,

“Sugar High”,

“Too Blue”,

“Rainbow Surf”


What do you think?

Written by Joel_Bowers