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The stone wedding

The natural landmark is located on the territory of the village of Zimzelen, 3 km from Kardzhali, Bulgaria

Extremely beautiful group of many stone pyramids, reminiscent of a wedding procession. The figures are extremely varied in shape and size, with a height of 0.5 to over 10 m.

Formations are volcanic tuffs with a rheolite composition, which is about 35 million years old.

During the oligocene, today’s Eastern Rhodopes were a sea-bed.

As a result of frequent volcanic eruptions, thick layers of volcanic ash mixed with different pieces of the cliff-breaking rock were formed on the seabed. The sludge was slowly compacted and turned into layers of tufts, which are now shaped by the “Stone Wedding”.

From the content of various minerals in them the rocks were colored in different colors – white, yellow, pink, green, rusty red.


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  1. Wow, how interesting, and I learned something. I found an ancient sea bed here in the woods. Looks just like that, now I know it was made from ash. Makes since, its so soft and fine. Our local volcano erupted not far from this spot.

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