Weddings Take Up Half The Road In Cambodia

It’s difficult to drive in Cambodia. Road surfaces are not so good and you are always being hooted at. You can meet cars, lorries, coaches, motorbikes, mobile foodstalls, bicycles, dogs and people running or riding or driving all over the place. You can crash into a motorbike piled five high and all the fallen will be without helmets. But that’s nothing compared to crashing into a wedding taking place in a tent pitched in the middle of the road. You can destroy a family without it having begun. I’m not joking. Take a look at the photos. The Khmers love to celebrate their weddings taking up half the road and blasting your ear-drums to pieces with weird but for them wonderful “music”.

I stole in upon a wedding and took the incriminating photos. Just about everyone is in the middle of that road, waiting to be killed. I was in a little border-town just beyond Thailand called Koh Kong. If it’s that easy to massacre a marriage in Koh Kong, just think of the opportunities in bigger places like Sihanoukville, not to mention Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Next time I go to Cambodia I

will take my bicycle and wreak havoc.


What do you think?

Written by Jonathan Finch


    • Thanks for the amusing comment. Made me smile! Yes, for an enterprising, new millennial who can exploit social media for ROI, it’s a great business venture. Alongside a drive-thru Mac, you can have your drive-thru wedding. And why not!? We’re modern. We look forward. We never look back.