Preparing for Your Wedding

Friday, July 27, 2018

This week, I recently received a Fall 2018 Wedding issue of California Style magazine. Is anyone here planning for a wedding in the near future, or maybe just attending a wedding? I will now list some wedding ideas in the fall 2018 weddings issue of this magazine. I will not list everything, but whatever sticks out for me in some way.

Since I do not have any wedding photographs in my hard drive, I used whatever came close to the subject. If a wedding is solely based on these wedding photos, then it would turn out to be a crazy wedding.

#7 Shoes

The preferred colors for wedding shoes include white, off-white, pale neutrals, or pale pastels. Some women are wearing white sneakers, with maybe sparkles and shine as well as a sheer or satin ribbon lace, while other women prefer feminine shoes, pumps or sandals but with flat heel or kitten heels. The modern woman just wants to be comfortable, have fun, enjoy her wedding, and dance all night long. Since a wedding is a big party to celebrate an important day for the couple, metallic shoes in silver, gold, bronze, or other shiny colors can also work.

#8 Traditional Wedding ideas

Traditional women might want to make sure they are wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Something old could be something that once belonged to your mother or grandmother. Something new is mostly likely the dress, shoes, or headpiece. Something borrowed can be anything you need last minute that you do not have or you just cannot buy. Something blue is usually the garter. It could also be jewelry with a blue gem or a hairpiece. Something blue could also be an indigo satin bow barrette, indigo eyeshadow, or indigo eyeliner. Some unconventional women might use indigo blue nail polish.


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