Preparing for Your Wedding

Friday, July 27, 2018

This week, I recently received a Fall 2018 Wedding issue of California Style magazine. Is anyone here planning for a wedding in the near future, or maybe just attending a wedding? I will now list some wedding ideas in the fall 2018 weddings issue of this magazine. I will not list everything, but whatever sticks out for me in some way.

Since I do not have any wedding photographs in my hard drive, I used whatever came close to the subject. If a wedding is solely based on these wedding photos, then it would turn out to be a crazy wedding.

#1 Make it Memorable…

Other wedding must-haves include picking a memorable venue for a wedding. A signature cocktail with floral and prop garnish as well as coaster listing cocktail ingredients, which is given to each guest. Hors d’oeuvres are served on customized cloth napkins that have a drawing of the wedding couple as well as their name and wedding date, which can be kept as a wedding souvenir. Customize your menu to your wedding style, such as family-style menu, botanical menu, vegan menu, Illuminati menu, or anything else you are into. Choose the right place settings for your wedding. Consider a Vegan wedding cake, such as cake with Earl Grey, lavender, classic vanilla as well as vegan almond cream.

Whatever you do, make it memorable by capturing everything on film, whether photographs, video, etc.

This photograph was memorable for me in many ways. I took this photo with my Minolta 5000 camera when I went with my mother to Beverly Hills for a one-day excursion. I was also taking a photography developing class at UCI that summer. In the class, we developed film, and we got to enlarge one photo to poster size. I enlarged this one, in which my mother is in the window reflection. 

#3 Jewelry such as Wedding Rings

Popular stones for wedding rings include baguette and princess in interesting shapes. One style makes out the shape of an eye with baguette fringe stones arranged into an eye shape on the finger. But, in this case, the magazine is probably just promoting the Illuminati One-Eye. The other ring is simple and sweet one strand of princess studs and a heart-shaped centerpiece filled with diamond. (Let's not forget that the heart shape also has political symbolism).

If you do not want to tie a bow on your dress or on your hair with a ribbon, then you might prefer a bow-shaped jewelry to decorate your dress or a bow-shaped hairpiece to decorate your hairstyle. You might also add a bow-shaped pin to your shoes. Pins, headbands, necklaces, rings, earrings, hairpins, barrettes, bracelet, and anklets can all have a decorative bow accent. Some unconventional people who really love bows might consider a his and hers bow tattoos. For such a one-time occasion, a henna tattoo might be preferred for most people since it is temporary, usually lasting for a week or two.

I used a snapshot of my glow-in-the-dark bracelet that I got on Friday the 13th movie night at the park, where I watched Trolls with many kids.

There are also brand name wedding rings by Louis Vuitton and David Yurman.

Engrave jewelry with the bride and groom’s names as well as wedding date. Charm necklace, locket, ring, nameplate necklace, letter pendant, narrative oval pendant, pinky ring with diamonds and initial, LOVE necklace, wish strand necklace, engraved bracelet, engraved diamond bangle, engraved charms, ring band with engraving inside, and locket ring with diamonds and initial. The charm necklace might include little charms on a solid chain. The locket with charms is similar, but the little charms are inside the locket.

#4 The Dress

The classic and modern wedding dress is simple, but the accent is on the texture. Consider a satin slip dress, lacy halter style dress, corded lace bodice style dress, or dresses with sheer accents.

Lacy wedding dresses has a vintage style but can be modernize into a minimalism dress. The accent is on the delicate lace detailing, needlework, and other sheer fabric. It is all about keeping it simple and clean but adding some pretty details for a feminine and soft touch. You might even want to add one strand of narrow ribbon to tie into a bow for a pretty detail. Or, some delicate buttons might be your preferred pretty detail. Embroidery, beading, and embellishments are other options. But with such delicate detail, it is important to remember to keep accessories to a minimum.

#5 Wedding Centerpiece

Consider an edible wedding dinner centerpiece. It includes cheese boards, artisanal cheeses, fruit, olives, nuts, flowers, and charcuterie. If you are vegan, the cheeses might be substituted with hummus, baba ghanouge, and other vegan dips, with pita bread pieces, crackers, bread sticks, and raw veggies. But whatever foods you use, they are all arranged into a lovely food bouquet.

#6 Dining Crystal Glassware

Building a crystal collection including have key glass pieces, such as tumbler, white wine glasses, red wine glasses, and champagne flute. You might later add margarita glasses, martini glasses, and maybe some shot glasses. (PS. You do not necessarily need to drink alcohol with these glasses. Be creative and use them for other yummy drinks, like smoothies, coffee drinks, juices, sparkling mineral water, tea drinks, Chai, desserts, snacks, and maybe even appetizers.

#7 Shoes

The preferred colors for wedding shoes include white, off-white, pale neutrals, or pale pastels. Some women are wearing white sneakers, with maybe sparkles and shine as well as a sheer or satin ribbon lace, while other women prefer feminine shoes, pumps or sandals but with flat heel or kitten heels. The modern woman just wants to be comfortable, have fun, enjoy her wedding, and dance all night long. Since a wedding is a big party to celebrate an important day for the couple, metallic shoes in silver, gold, bronze, or other shiny colors can also work.

#8 Traditional Wedding ideas

Traditional women might want to make sure they are wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Something old could be something that once belonged to your mother or grandmother. Something new is mostly likely the dress, shoes, or headpiece. Something borrowed can be anything you need last minute that you do not have or you just cannot buy. Something blue is usually the garter. It could also be jewelry with a blue gem or a hairpiece. Something blue could also be an indigo satin bow barrette, indigo eyeshadow, or indigo eyeliner. Some unconventional women might use indigo blue nail polish.

#9 Makeup

Fall makeup includes red lips, manicured and pedicured nails, thin eyeliner around your eyes, mascara, some bronzer over clean skin, and some cream blush on cheeks. Consider a rose gold cuticle cuff manicure on your fingernails. Nails should be in a neutral color, such as nude shades, light pink, blush shades of peach, apricot, pink or rose.


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  1. I may never experience that brief moment of insanity during which people married again but I enjoyed reading this very much for some reason. I do enjoy your picture choices.
    Cheers! 🙂