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The exciting Danish show with birds of prey

Would like to see the rare and unusual attraction? In this case, you need to take a tour on the Falkonergården in Fredensborg (North Zealand). Its falconers know a lot of interesting details about the birds of prey and always willing to share their knowledge with you.

There you can admire the elegant predators hovering in their natural environment and to watch the process of their feeding. It’s a great chance for you to see how falcons swoop from great heights at a speed of up to 300 the rare and unusual attractionkilometers an hour to grab the lure!

In the show program are declared such bird species as eagles, red-tailed hawks, peregrine falcons, buzzards and many others. All of them are presented for public indoor and outdoor – spectacular flights are guaranteed! The duration of the show is approximately one hour.

The show will run until the end of October. If you do not have time this year, then you always have a chance to come here the next new season!

Some information about Falkonergården. In the past (from 1670) there was a royal Danish facility for training hawks and peregrine falcons for hunting. Then (in 1810) it was closed and some buildings were demolished. Now the small part of former splendor is used for birds of prey shows.

Let me recommend all of you to visit this remarkable place and to get an unforgettable experience!


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  1. Incredible post. Owls and falcons are silent fliers and I hope to go down to Rotorua to see Wingspan which is New Zealand predatory birds. I would really love to know more about them.
    However its really expensive travelling anywhere to Europe for us in Southern New Zealand.

    • Thank you so much for your super comment!!! Yeah, travelling from Russia & Scandinavia to New Zealand and to neighboring Australia is also very expensive, but it’s great that we can see photos & videos about the nature beaties of these continents & countries in Internet. Especially if you remember that not so long ago people did not have such opportunities as in our time.

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