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Mangapohue Natural Bridge Walk

This is like a gorge that Lado wrote about but not like a gorge.

Mangapohue Natural Bridge walk is an old cave that collapsed a long time ago  and it once was a glow worm cave. I did this with my husband Warwick, while staying with my brother Denis in Te Kuiti in Christmas time 2015

To get here you go to the Waitomo Glow worm caves and carry on down the road towards Marokopa beach and this is on the way. From Te Kuiti to the nearest beach, Marokopa the trip is an hours drive west.

I can now walk you though the place and you can see most of it.

#1 The track

You need good walking shoes and a reasonable bill of fitness.

#2 View from the path

There is a stream below

#3 The path continues along a path built in

You need the railing here as it drops through rocks to the stream below

#4 This is the view

The bush is tough but beautiful

#5 First view of the natural bridge

Pretty clear

#6 View of the Natural bridge

I go up the stairs. My husband does not.

#7 On the Natural bridge

Like you see a large Seat.

#8 Looking down from the Natural bridge

The stream below the path and walls of rock

#9 The Stream

Looking straight down at it

#10 Descending down the staircase

Tourists are daily visitors but not many. 

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    • Thanks so much Alex. I speak more like the British than American people only with a New Zealand accent.
      Maori words you can speak as it ‘s spelt but you have to remember that Maori vowel sounds are different from the British vowel sounds.

      I have a confession to make, I did not get the name of the place right until I saw today a sign that did not say Marokopa but Mangapohue.
      In my type of speech Mangapohue is said
      Mang -a -p-oh-who-ee.

      Thanks for your kind comments, it is not a well known tourist destination

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