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H.C. Andersen Parade + HCA Museum = the best summer ending

Every year all children and their parents enjoy this marvelous event. Andersen fairy tales heroes meet in Odense (the Kingdom of Denmark) and show their performances to everyone.

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If you go there in the beginning of August (until August 11 inclusive), you have a chance to be on time to see brave princes and beautiful princesses, good and evil wizards and witches… Reread your favorite Andersen fairy tales and you will be ready to join this colorful celebration! Art, culture and folklore at once = the unique show for all ages.

Went too late? Don’t upset – you may visit The Hans Christian Andersen Museum, located in the small yellow house. The famous Danish storyteller was supposedly born in this place. The exposition of this house – museum is mainly connected with the personal life and voyages of H. C. Andersen.

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By the way, in 2020, a new museum dedicated to the “universe of Andersen” – the heroes of his magic imperishable fairy tales – will appear in Odense.

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The building in which the fairy-tale characters of Hans Christian Andersen are going to live comfortably, will be built on the project of Japanese architectural and design studio Kengo Kuma & Associates. The project was approved by the mayor of Odense, because in his opinion the future construction “…captures the spirit of both Hans Christian Andersen and Odense, has striking international calibre and is locally embedded at the same time.”  A. P. Møller Foundation (the key owner of the Maersk group of companies – the largest operator for container traffic) + the hometown of the great storyteller invested in the construction of “the world of Hans Christian Andersen”. Hope very much that the “fabulous” project will be completed successfully!

See the photo of the new museum building project

Wish you the best magical mood!

P.S. The video about Hans Christian Andersen Parade-2017


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