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What is Free to Visit where you live?

Here in New Zealand, we take it for granted that entrance to most of our beaches is free. Most of them are free, although it’s against the law, some of them are Maori beaches and you only go to those if you have their permission. 98% of New Zealand beaches it’s free to go.

Also the Domain is a public park, that’s free and so is entrance to the Wintergardens.

So I put in a few photos of what is free to visit in Auckland.

I hope to see some photos of what is free to visit in your country?

Hoping some of you will contribute.

#1 The Wintergardens in Auckland’s Domain, Grafton, Central Auckland, NZ

The entrance to go and see these gardens is free, however, it costs the Auckland Council to maintain and upkeep these beautiful gardens. Many people from university work here, as they have studied plant life and know how to care for these beautiful gardens.

Inside the Domain non residents pay a small fee to visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum, last time I went it was $5.00. The price of a cup of coffee. You pay extra to see a Maori ceremony where you are shown Maori traditions. It was about $20.00 last time I visited.

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#4 Western Springs Auckland

This beautiful park is free to visit. There are beautiful paths set out, bridges, birds, public toilets and a playground for the children.

The Auckland Zoo next door is not free to visit but worth your while to go. Also on another side is Ministry of Transport and Technology called MOTAT for short, thats worth a visit and isn't free. There is a tram running from one place to the other, and also there is a park of Motat which is about old planes, the tram runs there as well and yes you pay for the Tram.

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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. In the UK beaches and parks are free to visit, as are most art galleries and museums. Most cathedrals are still free, although some have levied charges in recent years. Others ask for donations but do not insist on them.

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