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Dream of a boy by oscarps

At birth, we got on the train and met our parents, we believe they will always travel to our side. But in some season they will get off letting us follow the trip, suddenly we will find ourselves without his company and his irreplaceable love. Other people who will be very special and significant, will be getting on the train of our life … Our brothers, friends and at some point, the love of our life.

Many descend, leave a permanent emptiness, others go so unnoticed that we do not even realize that they vacated their seats. Some loved ones are accommodated in cars other than ours, they are separated throughout the journey, without any communication.

The great mystery for all, is that we will never know what season we have to go down. Nor will our fellow travelers, even the one sitting by our side, come down.


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Written by oscarps

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  1. The details, always the details. Find in the moving train both an excuse and a reason to continue. Yes, you will look around and find the train empty, this happens over time. Go out and fill it, fill your train with the laughter of others.

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