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Djerdap canyon(Serbia) – a paradise in nature

This is one of the most beautiful scenes in this part of the world, where the Danube extends from several hundred meters to several kilometers. Natural attraction – Djerdap gorge, which extends from Golubac to Karatas near Kladovo, is located in eastern Serbia, on the border with Romania.

It was created hundreds of thousands of years ago, separating the mountain massif of the Carpathians. The Pannonian Sea, which later disappeared, went into the fissure , and through the 130-kilometer canyon now flows the Danube.

Djerdap canyon consists of four gorge and three basins. Without a dilemma, the most beautiful gorge is the Great Kazan, whose sides rise up to 300 meters above the Danube, and it is confirmed that many springs reach up to 90 meters in depth.

The abundance of water, forests, wildlife and favorable climate during the Danube has always been the reason for the presence of man and the development of different cultures.

The earliest trail of life is the Neolithic settlement Lepenski Vir. There were found sculptures of human figures in the form of fish made of the Danube stones.

The National Park in Djerdap has an area of 60,000 hectares. There lives a living diverse flora and fauna and some rare plant species that have largely disappeared from the northern parts of Europe.

Live diverse flora and fauna and some rare plant species that have largely disappeared from the northern parts of Europe … marten and bat, and of the 150 species of birds, the gray eagle and  snake eagles  are especially interesting.

Trajan’s board and Trajan’s Bridge are part of the Roman heritage that testifies to the existence of one of the most important Roman roads here, over Djerdap. There is also a medieval fortress Golubacki grad, a cultural monument of exceptional significance.

The Roman fortress Diana and the Turkish Fortress Fetislam are locations that should not be left out of your schedule if you are going to the Đerdap Road.

Because of all of the above, we are sure that you will not be tired of this natural beauty, so make sure to visit this magical place for the first time when you get a chance.


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