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Courtallam – A Town With 7 Waterfalls

Courtallam is on the foothills of Western Ghats in South Tamil Nadu. It is an unique destination in India as one cannot find any other town with 7 waterfalls in one place. The 7 waterfalls in Courtallam are Main Falls, Small Falls, Five Falls, Tiger Falls, Old Courtallam, Honey Falls and Shenbaga Devi Falls. Other than the falls, there is an ancient temple known as Kutralanathar Temple that dates back to 5th century BC. There is also a lake with boating facilities and a children’s park near the Main Falls. It is a great place to visit from June to December. Monkeys are a common sight in Courtallam and they often snatch food from tourists. On food, the Parottas are a speciality in Courtallam.

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