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How to have a budget and quality rest in the Nordic countries

How to get the maximum from your rest in Scandinavia and to spend not too much money? Just a little knowledge of some methods – and you can significantly reduce your travel costs (for about 30-40%).

One of the ways to do it is to apply your Schengen visa independently/by yourself. Then, it will be very useful to make something like estimate/business plan of your future trip. It should contain the options for accommodation, transport, cultural programs, etc. which are the most suitable and cheapest for you. “Foreign shopping” – the special point in your estimate. Using the right approach to it, you can also reduce your travel costs.

In addition, many tourists have a chance to save on paragraph “Guide services”. To my mind, it will be very useful to make your own mini-guide. It means some (3-5) variants which you choose according to your priorities. For example, you should note some restaurants and cafes because of their close location to the hotel/airport/railway station or some attractions which you are going to visit. Or, maybe, if low prices are at the first place for you, you can also note some suitable variants.

My own way of preparing for the future journey:

  1. Gathering some useful information from the Internet – travellers’ reviews with different practical tips.
  2. Searching useful links about transport means which you prefer (tickets prices, timetables and so on). As for me, I always try to find out the names of official taxi companies in order not to overpay for services of private taxi drivers.
  3. Searching the information about accommodation in advance (cause there may be some early booking discounts).
  4. Making a list of some suitable restaurants and cafes with reasonable prices.
  5. Preparing mini-cultural program for myself.
  6. Taking into account such things as shopping, weather forecasts, periods of “high season”, time difference and so on.
  7. Preparing a list of vitally important information (phone numbers and addresses of emergencies, hospitals, lost and found, your country embassies in the Nordic countries).
  8. Making a list of those things which you will take in your future trip – some examples of my own lists.

Good luck and a brilliant vacation in the Nordic countries!


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