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Charming Nordic beaches: a quiz

It’s very nice to soak up the warm sun on Scandinavian beautiful beaches. There is good swimming in the morning and evening. And you can get a healthy tan and enjoy a mild climate!

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    Beach season in Finland usually starts in:

    • April and ends in September
    • mid-late May and ends in early September
    • July and ends in September
    • June and ends in August
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    Rest on the beaches of Sweden and Finland guarantees

    • very strong southern tan
    • complete absence of aggressive sunlight
    • crowds of tourists
    • opportunity to meet sharks
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    Popular Gotland beaches located in:

    • the south-east of Sweden
    • the south-west of Sweden
    • the north-east of Sweden
    • the north-west of Sweden
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    According to TripAdvisor, top 5 of best Gotland beaches include:

    • Bla Lagunen, Sudersands Strand, Folhammar, Furilden Naturreservat, Grogarnsberget
    • Nostra Auren, Sudersands Strand, Folhammar, Furilden Naturreservat, Grogarnsberget
    • Ljugarn, Bla Lagunen, Sudersands Strand, Folhammar, Furilden Naturreservat
    • Tofta Strand, Bla Lagunen, Folhammar, Furilden Naturreservat, Grogarnsberget
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    This shot was taken in:

    • Helsinki
    • Stockholm
    • Oslo
    • Copenhagen
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    Reynisfjara (Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland) is a world-famous:

    • rocky beach
    • black sand beach
    • sandy and shell beach
    • sandy beach
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    The two biggest and most popular beaches in Kristiansand, Norway are:

    • Hamresanden and Bystranda
    • Haukland Beach and Molen
    • Kvalvika Beach and Sola Beach
    • Sjosanden and Grimstad’s Archipelago
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    They are:

    • rocky
    • sandy
    • sandy and shell
    • pebble


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