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Black Canyon Campground, Ramona, CA

The start of this drive on Tuesday is in this post, about the dam.

Leaving Lake Sutherland and dam, we headed further into the Black Canyon. The drive to Black Canyon is on a truck trail called Santa Ysabel Truck Trail, and follows Black Creek.  Usually these roads are for four wheel drive only, but when I looked up some information on this area, they claimed that two wheel drive cars could still make it down this road. This road is also a major route in and out of Mesa Grande Indian Reservation.  

I will start off with the drive.. (Page one and two)

#2 The brown sign

Has been used for all kinds of target practice. Those are bullet holes..Check out the big one under the word can... The sign used to read, Driving can be hazardous. Boy was it. We hugged a bluff on one side, and a drop off on the other. The road was dirt, and had a really bad washboard effect. You bounced and jiggled down the road.. 

#3 One lane

is right! When you meet a car, one of you has to back up..Fun. Notice my car mirror? I was hugging a bluff on the left hand side, with this drop off on the right. 

#4 My car

is not that big, and it barely fit in some places. I was also hitting ground in high points of ruts, which I had to straddle.  But we finally made it to the start of our hike. 

#5 Black Creek

Low Water bridge. This creek when it rains can become a torrent of water, washing down huge boulders, and in the dry months runs to just a trickle. It was almost dry on Tuesday.  There were pools which the dogs enjoyed. 

#10 Penny

Can you see Penny? She also noticed that our packs were being put on. 

    • She stays closer to us, she is afraid of hawks, and things that go bump in the woods.. Luna is taking after Penny. Glad to have dogs, that pesky wolf is always out and about.


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Written by Kim_Johnson


    • It was a gorgeous day for sure. In the 70’s, sunny, just a little wind. The oddest thing was the box of soups and skeleton.. OH there is an old Garnet mine here, and an old Indian Village, we have yet to find.