5 interesting facts about Seville

Seville is not just the capital of Andalusia. The people who have had a chance to visit it would agree that more than a city, it is the capital of the world! Of course that’s not true, however, every visitor falls for it and that’s why one considers it that important! Let me share with you some interesting facts you might never heard about Seville, even if you’ve been there already.

>> Movie Maker Paradise

Did you know that you might have already seen some scenes in a movies that’s been filmed in Seville? Famous films like ”Star Wars”, ”Game of Thrones”, ”Kingdom of Dorne”, ”Lawrence of Arabia”, ”The Officers club in Cairo”, ”Jerusalem”, ”Council chamber” and so on have scenes that took place in this beautiful Andalusian city. The incredible Alcazar which is the royal palace in Seville, Plaza de España, even the River Guadalquivir became even more famous than they already were, after the publishing those films.

>> The birthplace of ‘tapas’

It is believed that Seville is the place of the origin of the so famous ‘tapas’. For the ones who have no idea what ‘tapa’ is, it is a small portion of the traditional Spanish food instead of whole plate. That way the people could taste many different types of food and share it between them. The ‘tapas’ cost less than a whole plate, however that’s because of the quantity of the food you are served. Spanish people love going out for tapas! It’s their way of life!

>> ”Feria de Sevilla” is the most famous Spanish festival

The people form Seville live for this event! Once it is over, they immediately start preparing an thinking about the same event next year. They even spend a fortune on typical flamenco dresses and expensive jewelry. The festival lasts one week long, it happens in April and the city turns into the capital of Spain in those days.

>> The biggest Gothic Cathedral in the world

The third biggest Cathedral in the world, after St.Paul Cathedral in London and Vatican in Italy, was built in Seville. It used to be a mosque once upon a time. Nowadays is the main attraction in the city. It is the biggest, and according to many people, the most beautiful Gothic Cathedral in the world with an tremendous history and look. Another thing that makes this cathedral so important is that there has been burred the famous explorer Christopher Columbus.

>> The city has its own secret code ‘NO8DO’

There is a legend that says that the code “NO8DO’ that barely anyone understands has been given by Alfonso X. It can be seen all around the city and translated word by word in Spanish would be ”No me ha dejado” which means “It has not abandoned me”, referring to Seville . This famous quote became famous during a war in which Alfonso X participated, but was always thinking about the city of Seville that never abandoned him nor let him alone.


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