Contemporary Art Museum in Seville

If you are a fan of art, museums, history, culture, architecture and quiet places, check the Contemporary Art Museum in Seville. It offers a free entrance and it is not crowded at all. It is a perfect place to spend the afternoon in Seville. It is located away from the city center, on the Triana part of the city nearby the Isla de la Cartuja.

Previously it used to be a monastery located in one of the most beautiful yet peaceful places nearby the River Guadalquivir, however away from the busy center. In 1990 the old monastery Santa Maria de las Cuevas turned into an extraordinary Museum of Contemporary art which was made for expositions, seminars and cultural events. The main walls of the building pay a significant roll in the overall meaning and worth of the place as they were built in the time of Felipe II therefore this place is one of the most historic places in Seville.


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