The reality of complex systems…

I often run and or manage multiple projects at the same time. Right now at home, we have way too many projects going on. As an IT professional that often works for me, but I realized today that I didn’t effectively think through the impact of all three projects going on, at the same time at our house. Funny how things never work out the way you envision them when you’ve never actually done that type of project before (or scope/impact). The good news is we get a new roof, and the wind damage from March will be gone. The bad news is we got a month between solar panels taken down, and solar panels put back into service. It will be a month with a higher electrical bill for sure. Hopefully, mother nature will drop the temps a little until mid-late May.

Technology has many moving pieces. So do houses and housing projects.

the Complexity is a reality that most companies try to both foci on and at the same time avoid. Complex systems often present issues as far as the reality of the complexity. Moving parts create friction being the adage my grandfather used to say all he time. Oil is required when there is friction. I know, when talking to people that the reality of complexity is something I don’t avoid. I don’t fear complexity, but I do notice it. There are many interesting technologies that have complex systems under them.  I don’t talk about complex systems often, one of the reasons being that I am always afraid that the required understanding is greater with complex systems.

The complex isn’t hard to use or understand it has many more moving pieces. That complexity is what causes people to become nervous.

That nervousness is what causes people to over think or under think some of the components. In doing that, and I am often guilty of this, you miss things. Missing things is what usually causes me not to use the system or tool effectively.

When evaluating technologies, I do try to share only those that are not complex. I do use tools and systems that are complex, but I don’t share those because honestly, they require more user effort.

Technology is always interesting, and its evolution remains interesting.

What do you think?

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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    • I understand that pain. Right now, I am 0% solar and dreading the beginning of summer and no solar. The panels came off to repair the roof. Now they are sitting in my garage until the installer can get back and put them on!

  1. “When evaluating technologies, I do try to share only those that are not complex.” Good point! Of course, you should have a heart for dummies like myself ??. I was reading your throwback article and about to write a comment but Virily said I was not logged in. I reconnected via Twitter and ended up here by magic ??

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