Tech Wiz – what is near your desk?

I have five model cars in my office at home. One is the English Double Decker bus that my grandfather gave me (after his trip to London). Three of them are old slot cars that were bought more than 30 years ago. The last one is my LaFrance ladder Firetruck purchased in Europe back in 1971. All of them are important to me, which is why I keep them. Three, the old slot cars, are technology and the other two are models. The London bus is the newest of the five.  Not sure why I am talking about them this morning, just that I looked up in my office and remembered that they were there. The FireTruck is missing the Fireman that used to operate the ladder portion of the truck. It is also missing most of the ladders.

That is looking up conversation got me thinking about my desk. I do, already, need to clean it again. But regarding what is on my desk today versus what was on my desk in the past, it is an interesting conversation. For example, I have golf balls in sleeves on the shelf above my desk right now. The golf balls are from various customers and places I’ve been. I do have the complete Disney set of golf balls out in my basement display area. The ones in my office are from customers.  I also have a Yo-Yo’s and pens. Over the years I have collected a lot of pens that I haven’t used. They were gifts from people. I have many pens I’ve used, but the ones I got from various people are often more symbolic than useful.

I have a couple of things given to me by people that worked for me (a melted clock from a former employee and a pencil holder a former principal gave me). On top of my monitor I have some other things as well. Meepers, a great lego automation technology, minion duct tape, Minon bandaids and several things I’ve been given. A figure my wife gave me, a Mercedes Benz hood ornament my daughter gave me and a glass paperweight my mother gave me. All of those things look down at me as I write my blogs. I guess, I never really shared the entire collection. I’ve talked about many of the things and shared pictures of a few, but this is the first time talking about all of them.

Perhaps I should start the Tech Wiz what is near your desk challenge!


What do you think?


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