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I realized yesterday that I don’t have a Fischer Space Pen. I know, over the years I wanted one. I know I used one a couple of times, loaned to me by someone that had one. I know it was hard to release the borrowed space pen. I know that I have had the money to buy one for a long time, but I think I am looking for someone to give me one. To me, that would be the ultimate geek gift. Only made better by a marketing certificate (used in the ISS, or launched into space by SpaceX). The reality of pens is that they aren’t as important now, as they were. I just know that I would like to have a space pen! Like the astronauts used all those years ago. My dad had one for awhile, but like many things, it was gone a long time ago.

That got me thinking about technologies and things that have passed that I missed out on. For many years at the beginning of my using computers, I was an Apple person. I had an Apple IIc, Apple IIgs and then moved to the Macintosh Family. I moved to only owning a PC around 1996. I missed out on a couple of computers that I considered buying many years ago. The Kaypro was a computer I thought about. When it came out, it was designed as a computer for writers. It had an embedded copy of Wordstar. It launched quickly, and unlike the Apple or PCs of that time, it had enough onboard memory that you could get running fast. I never got one, but every time I saw one I thought about it.

I have missed out on some other technology trends over the years. I never really considered the Betamax systems. I did, however, buy the HDDVD player from Toshiba. I still have 12 HDDVD games. I also got a laserdisc player, 9Poineer) and have more than 40 laser discs, still. Those are technology forks in the roads that I have gone down.  Share, if you care to, in the comments some interesting technology detours you’ve gone down. There are so many, and for the most part, they rise and fall pretty quickly. Laserdiscs were big for about five years. There are things you can do with a laserdisc you can’t do with a DVD, but they faded quickly. HDDVD was a great format, but Sony had learned the lesson of Betamax, and Bluray was dominant quickly. What trends have you missed out on? Or jumped on that didn’t pan out?

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