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Sweden – the kingdom of green energy

As you know, Sweden is one of those countries which adheres to the concept of green growth, or, in other words, using natural resources in a sustainable manner.

The Kingdom of Sweden plans to produce the half of all its electricity through alternative sources by 2020. The great role in this process will belong to the construction of new wind turbines.

The advantages of using wind energy are evident: low emissions and low cost of wind turbines. Of course, as with any new kind of techniques, they also have some disadvantages: visual pollution because of large wind turbines sizes, the danger for some kinds of birds and animals, wind unreliability as a constant source of energy. But I think that wind energy is much more harmless then nuclear energy. Besides, the methods of alternative energy production are always changed, so I believe that the above disadvantages can be solvable.

Some interesting facts:

IKEA has more than 95 wind farms in different countries.

Sea-based wind plants lead to a rise of the number of fish. Also these turbines attract new species such as shorthorn sculpin, European conger.

By the way, I saw wind energy in action during one of my travels to the Nordic countries. It was when our Stockholm-Oslo train passed by the Swedish countryside (somewhere near Gothenburg, between Herrljunga and Öxnered stations). These wind turbines were like 12-storey buildings and they were towered proudly over the fields.

Green growth and clean energy forever!


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  1. Very interesting about the rise in the number of fish. Being clean and green is always in my mind. Never thought of placing wind turbines in the water. We have wind power and hydro electric soup.

    • Thank you very much for thoughtful comment! As for plants and fish it’s really interesting cause fish interpret the structure of the wind turbines as a rocky sea bottom/reefs with food and shelter from the currents. Something like that!