How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 14

There are other tricks sites play to cut your earnings.

Some claim you ‘plagiarised’ an item. The fact this is a scam becomes clear when you are writing one of  those extremely original pieces, such as a thought you had in a dream, a report on a local occurrence, or your reaction to a  unique experience.

As the scammers who run trick sites aren’t particularly intelligent, they will make these false accusations. Don’t get angry, get out.

This was a practice used on the scam site, Literacybase. Literacybase is a scam which just stopped paying their writers. It is still up, and you can join, but it doesn’t pay.

Another trick, such as a  site going down frequently, or you being unable to upload an image when the site demands an image before posting, or incredibly slow moderation, are clear signs that the site is dodgy.

Real sites don’t play these games.


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