How Evil is Google?

Way back in 2010 there were dozens of publishing sites on the Internet which paid writers.  Some paid better than others, but they paid.

Then Google, annoyed by their existence, decided to introduce a writing site called Knol. Knol didn’t pay.  Writers were to submit work for free.

To push this idea, Google created an algorithm called Panda. This program was design to not find articles published on paying sites.  Despite the fact that there were excellent articles on the search topic on those sites, because they paid users, Google labled them ‘Content Farms’ and blocked them.

This action caused writing sites to lose viewers and soon go out of business.  

Simply put, Google deliberately destroyed paying sites, pushed its non-paying Knol which didn’t live a year, and left the ‘Net worse off.

It is due to Google’s Panda  why many online writing sites no longer exist and those that do no longer pay contributors.

This is just the most obvious act of evil done by Google.

The most common crime is to feed you sites with which it has some link.   When you enter a search term Google decides what you are to see.  Usually it’s wikipedia followed by a few others which seem to have a link.

Google sells search terms to advertisers and vendors which is why your spam box is full and advertisements for that particular term jam every corner of the net.

Despite other search engines being able to turn up useful information, Evil Google runs a virtual monopoly.


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