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When two women argue leave them alone

I was at a Site where users had this nasty habit of taking sides when there was disagreement between two users. It was more like one gang against the other. The user who had less support normally left the Site. 

Happy to say I do not see much of it here at Virily.  Taking sides is a disaster according to me. It vitiates the environment.  They should be left alone and when they realise their wordy warfare has no approval from the community they will stop sparring. 

I hope my advice is taken in good spirit.  After all, I have more grey hair than all of yours put together although I use a dye to look younger⛑️

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      • Yes. I am speaking from my own experience… I had conflicts with a user here which she started. Then I reacted and continued reacting because I was trying to prove she is wrong because she was presenting it all like it was my fault… Then I stopped and she blocked me in the meantime and now, even though I don’t interact with her, she is literally stalking me, my posts and my actions, writing articles about them, comments, saying other people they shouldn’t read my posts calling them negative, and above all, using fake profiles to comment and downvote my posts while she reports each of my comments in Her posts… So it’s quite bullying and hypocritic… – that is actually the situation I described in my newest post because she did it again yesterday…..!
        She want to be left alone but she won’t leave me alone…

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