Are Virily Writers Skeptical?

Writers spend lots of time creating content online, (Internet) and if there was one skill, I could impart to my fellow Virily writers working on our internet universe—it is the skill of healthy skepticism. I call it a skill because what we do naturally, is trust, and now you need to unlearn that human quality. I don’t suggest that you believe nothing and trust no one. 

I’m saying that you should question before you believe and ask before you trust. Honestly, being skeptical solves the scenario which I’ve outlined above. In every situation, it’s critical not to blindly trust the information presented to you. In. In all cases, question whether or not the person or company on the other end of the message has your best interests at heart. Is the story they’re telling legitimate, or verifiably accurate? 

Are you certain—beyond a doubt—that they are who they say? If the answer is “no”, or even “I’m really not sure”, stop, take any additional steps you can to confirm that what you’re being told is the real deal. It may take some internet research or calling them back. Asking a trusted friend for their opinion. But when you are absolutely not sure, question everything. Be skeptical it’s the one skill that can help prevent an online disaster and keep you and your hardware safe.

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