How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 31

Very   few sites today are honest; whether in what they pay, and what they   post.  That is why many have fallen so far from their once lofty    perch.  There was a time Hubpages, for example was one of the top  sites.  Now, it is on the bottom.

It is on the bottom because of the trash it publishes, and the fact it  does all it can to NOT pay its writers.

Expertscolumn,once highly respected, is virtually unknown.  Why?  Because it rips  off its writers.

Literacybase,   never a site anyone could really recommend, doesn’t pay.

As  a writer you must be conscious of the dishonesty of most online  sites.  That they know exactly what they are doing, and why.

There are no ‘glitches’   there is no   ‘delay’   it is deliberate so as NOT to pay the writer.


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