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5 S.E.O. Tips That Will Change Your Life Forever

A 100% tutorial on Search Engine Optimization is not what you will get here but instead you will find 5 core tips that actually work. These tips are:

  • great content
  • back links
  • SEO friendly URL’s
  • dynamic website
  • meta tags

If applied correctly, will get your page ranked on Google. And this is something that you all wish for. Check them out and let me know your opinion. I hope that you will find them really useful.


What do you think?

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  1. I remember you as “tranquilpen” on some other writing site, maybe “Triond”, or Helium, I am not so sure anymore.

    The name is a good one, and impressed me at the time.

    These are all good points, for anyone who wants to be found more easily, more often.

    Some of us like to just hide behind the shadows though, and if anyone comes across our writing, it was meant to be, sort of thing, so we do not go out of our way, to try to optimise our views.

    Word of mouth works here too, as well as it does in any external business too, I think.

    • Thank you, you have often shared your opinion about wanting to remain in the shadows and let me assure you, that there is absolutely nothing wrong about that and it speaks volumes about your personality, which, I admire. I had major medical-setbacks some years ago and was hellbent on creating a semblance of an income when my world came crashing down around me.

      I had to learn HARD and FAST, to get something going on the Internet, having mouths to feed and just keeping afloat. With a gigantic effort and with a massive lot of help from the Almighty and many kind folks along the road, my boat still floats.

      Yes, the name, Tranquilpen was meant more as a mental compass to keep me humble, which, sadly, I have not always been able to justify. (It is, still as such, a work in progress.) Thank you for mentioning the memory of Tranquilpen from so long ago, I did write on both of those sites an about a dozen more. Kind regards, Andre, aka Tranquilpen

      • Thanks for your in-depth reply.

        Sorry, to hear about your medical concerns, but glad to hear that you are still battling on.

        I use a different pseudonym on every site where I write.

        I do not like to be typecast as a certain type of a writer, and I do not necessarily want people to follow me from one site to the next either.

        I want a fresh new approach on each site, as I like to write from both sides of an arguement, and not be told that I wrote differently before…lol…

        My name here, “the Dunce” is sort of a similar choice to yours, “Tranquilpen”, to try to keep me humble too.

        I wrote for wikinut as well, I used the name, “the fool” there…lol…

        I am sure you were on wikinut too, if I remember rightly.

        I can make more by doing paid surveys online than by writing, so I just write as a hobby, mainly for myself, but for anyone else, who comes across it too, if it gets to them somehow, or another.


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