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Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs 

I had high expectations of this fight after Danny Jacobs stated that he plans to use “African Style” to defeat Canelo Alverez. That alone made me think of Floyd Mayweather Jr, who is the only one to defeat Canelo in a style that most African American fighters are known for. Who would not use the blueprint layed out by a great boxer like Floyd to dethrone Canelo, who I believe is currently one of the top faces in this generation of boxing. During this fight, it was like Danny did not have the head movement speed to avoid the punches thrown by Canelo, who brilliantly cut off the ring, and had the head movement speed to avoid punches thrown by Danny. In my honest opinion, Canelo had the more solid punches compared to Danny, who’s punches seemingly were not fazing Canelo.

Overall, the one thing that Canelo did that Danny did not do was take chances seemingly stalking Danny throughout this entire fight, which showed who is the more skilled between the two. In the end, Canelo won by unanimous decision in a fight that looked so close by the number of punches thrown, but I honestly believe that the judges got it right in the end by giving it to Canelo, who unified the middleweight titles with this win over Danny.

Danny has proven that he can hang with the likes of Gennady Glovkin and Canelo Alverez, but not enough to defeat them, which both defeated him by unanimous decision.

As for Danny, I would like to see a future showdown between either Billy Joe Saunders or Jermall Charlo who would be a make or break for him as a middleweight. And for Canelo Alverez, I would like to see him face Jermall Charlo down the road, which I personally see him winning because he is the more experienced between the two.

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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  1. I have seen only one boxing match with Canelo when I had HBO Boxing before the cable bill was too high to keep HBO on the list. I was impressed with Canelo’s boxing style. If Carl Weathers who played Apollo Creed in the “Rocky” movies said that Canelo is the best in his opinion, I second that vote.

  2. Mayweather knew that he had to fight Canelo when Canelo was young before he learned all of the different stuff that he did in this fight against Jacobs. Jacobs’ biggest asset is that he is really big for middleweight. He usually wears fighters out, but in this fight and in his loss to GGG, Jacobs had no clue to outbox someone that comes right at him for 12 rounds.

    • I still think that he could’ve won the fight against GGG, but he seemingly wanted to just show that he could just hang. I personally saw no plan, but to just show that GGG is not the threat everyone puts him out as. With that, I’am kind of biased towards Jacobs because of that. Would love to see him in their with Charlo or maybe even a rematch with Glovokin.

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